Siemens Enterprise Communications – Product Launch

The Williams F1 Conference Centre was chosen from a very short list of similar venues, all with a motoring theme (it seems this is quite a popular attraction). The venue was eventually chosen for its location and for the added activity it offered delegates, which we believe added an additional pull.

The purpose of the event was to attract new partners and to demonstrate the client’s new product. Virtual (VST) did an amazing job in identifying potential new clients and inviting them to the event – there was a full house which is completely unheard of!

The venue, located west of Oxford is a spectacular venue which is run with the precision of any Formula 1 team. The venue offers the opportunity to hire their F1 simulators and these were used by delegates during the welcome, coffee breaks and lunch and were a nice diversion during the half day and gave many of the delegates the chance to play with ‘boys toys’.

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