Nimans – Overseas Incentive

This was the first overseas incentive event organised by Nimans and therefore it was imperative that the incentive was set up to encourage their customers to excel over a 6 month period. Dock Gate Events were tasked with providing a destination that would appeal to the audience, fit within the budget and offer the guests enough variety during the trip itself. Nimans saw an immediate positive reaction in terms of sales and the race was on to win a place on the trip. In some cases Nimans saw a 20% increase in sales from some of its customers.

Guests got to experience hot weather, when it was just turning cold in the UK, the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, a glimpse into the life of a Bedouin, stunning food, belly dancers, casinos, beautiful Riads and so the list really does go on. It’s a fabulous destination, with great hotel choices and just the right mix of culture and fun. It is a modern city in some respects but with religion and culture at its heart.

Where on earth will fit the bill for their next incentive? We are working on it….

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