Nimans – Overseas Incentive

The kind of feedback we received following this event was ‘emotional’, ‘best trip I’ve ever been on’ and of course, that is the only kind of feedback we would like in an ideal world – thank you Chicago for providing the stunning backdrop for this group.

It has to be said that the weather was on our side, and everything is always better with a ‘blue’ background. That said there were many ‘firsts’ which was really important and actually is a stand out factor in making an event truly successful. No one had been to Chicago before and therefore most of the itinerary was unique. A highlight for everyone was the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Hockey match – the opening of the season. It was everything you would expect and lots more – pomp and ceremony, beers and hot dogs – the perfect combination.

We always say corporate relationships are firstly about people, and this was the case on two levels, the group had an amazing camaraderie together and we had the most amazing, enthusiastic guide who I think for most people made the whole experience come to life and become something special and extremely memorable. And that’s what we strive to deliver to our customers through our great relationships with our suppliers.
Any next year….might be something completely different!

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