Ingram Micro – Symantec Call Out Day

This was our first event for Ingram Micro and we were challenged to deliver it with just a week’s notice.

Ingram Micro has a busy sales floor with promotions taking place all the time. Symantec wanted to make a major impact on the Ingram Micro internal sales and support functions, to promote the launch of their BE 2014 campaign. As this was a significant software release it was critical that Symantec got that message out to all of the Ingram Micro office.

To ensure the day made the required impact, we linked the launch of BE YOURSELF campaign to a “selfie” competition. This involved a large printed display board and employees sent selfies with the use of props and 3D logo’d boards that we provided which were then printed and displayed for all to see with the eventual winners picking up fantastic prizes.

Also as employees arrived in the morning, at each desk there were branded balloons and cookies with the Symantec logo which we were told were very tasty! To keep the focus throughout the day, a massive digital graffiti board was installed before anyone arrived for work. Guests were given a free reign to design their own board using the branding of Symantec and BE YOURSELF as a starting point. These were printed and appeared on mugs and stickers for keepsakes once the day had finished.

The feedback from Ingram Micro and Symantec could not have been better. Subsequent to that day we have been engaged and commissioned by Ingram Micro and Symantec directly. They were both delighted.

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