Elliott’s – Winter Sun Conference

It was time for Elliotts to visit the Caribbean again; it has always been a successful destination in the past. Antigua was the chosen island this time, on the south coast, just 10 minutes from the stunningly restored Nelsons Dockyard and the beautiful English Harbour.

The hotel was situated on a beautiful, peninsula with a gently lapping bay on one side (a bit of a sun trap) and the rougher ocean on the other side, creating quite a contrasting environment.

The hotel had a fabulous Italian restaurant onsite (amongst others) and guests were jollied along by some of the lively Caribbean atmosphere at the hotel. The adrenalin part of the trip, a rather rough catamaran trip along the coast – was actually a massive success with guests returning full of Rum and a great afternoon out with friends which produced lots of laughs and stories later in the evening!

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